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Our company offers to a clientele international services of registration of boats in jurisdictions offshore favorable  fiscalmente. The heading of the ownerships of every yacht comes from us  realizzata in a national jurisdiction, where in vigor are particular laws, you study for a demanding clientele. The recording of a boat near a determined country, implicates in fact the legislative submission of the craft in this only nation, excluding the application of laws of another country.
Juridical company and private people will be able so usufruire of notable advantages and fiscal savings recording their yachts and their ships in a proper jurisdiction, usufruendo in equal time of the reservation and the juridical protection offered with such recording.
The choice of the appropriate jurisdiction to record a particular type of yacht  o of ship, depends on manifold factors. It for instance it is necessary to appraise the country in which the owner is resident, the country in which you/he/she will be stazionata the boat, the country in which the yacht will be used, mainly if the yacht will be rented to third people or you/he/she will only be used for deprived purposes. There are different questions to which it preliminarily it is necessary to answer.
Through our his/her own offices, as thanks to our net of shed collaborators all over the world we are able to record a boat in numerous jurisdictions. We occupy besides there of:

  • Recording of private yacht and commercial boats
  • Recording of games IVA
  • Financings for the purchase of commercial ships and private yacht
  • Structures and administrations of yacht
  • Sea insurances

Here following we list the problem list that are introduced in case of purchase and management of a boat.
I purchase yacht
To the action of purchase of a boat, it it is necessary to attentively examine the terms and the contractual guarantees. This includes the necessity to verify in the details the terms and the formalities of delivery, that have to guarantee the buyer in spite of contracts standard directly compiled by the costruttore/fornitore, that you/they contemplate clauses unilaterally prepared for this last. it for instance it is necessary to verify the clauses related to reserves of ownership, to the payment of accounts and deposits, and street saying. In conclusion, all those clauses that are prepared in the alone interest of a contracting part.
When it is had to conclude a contract regarding an important and expensive boat, it is useful to use the services of a specialized lawyer rather than to make head to a contract of standard sale. Our legal department can assist then you in the editing and in the control of the contracts and the contractual documents.
All the owners of yacht and ships have to record their boats  in a register internationally recognized and the relative jurisdiction has to furnish the test of the nationality and the ownership. One of the most important decisions to be adopted are connected therefore with the choice of the jurisdiction of recording and the matter to know whether to directly effect the same one under his/her own name or of a company. The choice of a company, normally, offers superior advantages that not the simple recording in the name of the owner what physical person.
In the choice of the  giurisdizione for the recording of the ship the reputation and the respectability of the flag, the cost of recording and annual administration of the recording, the facility of recording and the prizes of the insurance you/he/she must be considered, the laws on the job, the laws and the taxes of succession or all those implications that make to opt for the choice of a jurisdiction rather than another.
We can record yacht as commercial ships in some of the registers of the world. Our choice will be without prejudices of sort, but entirely voted to the safeguard of the interest of the client. The requisite  richiesti for the recording of boats sensitively varies from a jurisdiction to the other. Some recordings offer the possibility of choice. The recording under the British flag can for instance, be gotten in some of the following jurisdictions:

  • Islands Bermuda
  • Island Cayman
  • Gibilterra
  • Guernsey
  • Island of Hand
  • Jersey
  • United kingdom

To dependence of the circumstances and individual demands of the client, we record yacht and ships in different other jurisdictions attentively selected, included the island of Malta, the United States, Panama, Cyprus, Turks & Caicos, Liberia, etc.
In the choice of the jurisdiction we keep in mind of the following factors:

  • the costs of recording, so that is lower possible.
  • the least limits of tonnage, that are not present in certain jurisdictions.
  • the nationality of the owner of the boat. In fact, for different jurisdictions there are no ties of nationality.
  • possibility to effect a double recording, or rather in more than a country.
    tax exemption vigente in the country of recording.
  • anonymity of the real owner of the boat.

The majority of our clients chooses to effect the recording of their yacht through a company, that offers many and important advantages, safeguarding so the anonymity and the direct ownership on the boat.
In fact, many owners of yacht prefer to check the ownership on the boat in reserved and discreet way. The ownership of a yacht through a company allows for a good level of reservation. Using a company that possesses it same the boat, the exposure of the clients it limits him to responsibility that can rise through the direct ownership. Many gods countries in which our clients are resident, have besides complex and onerous hereditary and property laws, that can jeopardize notably the budget ereditario/patrimoniale. These problems can be implored with a healthy choice societaria.
We am able to record company in manifold  giurisdizioni on it climbs world. Through these companies, we record therefore subsequently the boats in the favorable jurisdictions mostly to the client.
In some cases, result advantageous to use, not already a commercial company but a foundation. A  fondazione allows in fact a surer and durable property management and some clients can prefer this legal structure. Through our companies it is therefore possible to record the boats in a lot of important jurisdictions and  noi we are positioned for better informing and to assist the client in the choice of the most proper structure. Our services include the legal and fiscal consultations, the administration societaria, the recording of the boats and founds him upon the individual demands of every client. For every client we realize a specific structure, in base to his/her demands.
Implications and problems with the European union
The use of a yacht inside the territory of the European union  implica of the repercussions for that that it concerns to the IVA. Of principle, all the possessed yachts or used by residents of the European union I am astretti to the payment of the IVA before entering on the European territory. An exemption is only possible out for that yachts of ownership of  residenti of the European union and temporarily used in European waters by not residents. For example a recorded company out of the European union or a city privacy that he/she normally lives out of the European union.
Important aspects that determine the applicability of the imposition to the IVA are referable to the place of purchase of the yacht, to where the yacht will be used, who his/her owner is, who uses the yacht, the yacht will be rented to third people, or if the yacht will be used by residents of the European union.
Our firm works with experts in subject of the IVA  offrirvi the suggestions and the means to avoid the submission to such tax to load of private yacht and commercial ships. Our experts can recommend you in the adoption of the decision around the payment of the IVA for the boat from a little purchased or in procinto to be purchased. We can explain you if and as to avoid the payment of this tax. The questions and the implications that can rise are complex and it are therefore advisable a consultation with one expert of ours before deciding on the makes to make himself/herself/themselves.
Through structures attentively realized, resident citizens of the European union can avoid the payment of the IVA to the action of the purchase of their boat  e they will be able stazionare and to sail in European waters without making head to the payment of said tax. There are structures and fit schemes to reduce or completely to avoid the payment of the IVA. These systems include the recording of the yacht what ship commercial and various typologies of rental.
In some cases it is advisable to avoid the adoption of such structures instead. Besides, the shares of the IVA substantially vary (from 13% to Madeira/Portogallo to more than 20% in more other European countries) and you/he/she can be therefore advantageous to pay the IVA in a country with a lower percentage. In other countries advantages can be instead you exploiting the formalities of imposition of the IVA. for example, if a company domiciliata in one determined jurisdiction purchases a boat to the purpose to rent the same one, the boat it won't have to enter the waters of said jurisdiction and the payment and the reimbursement of the IVA you/they can entirely be done on a base bookkeeper.
Coverage assicurativa
Generally, the coverages assicuratives extend him to the usual risks what the collision, the damages to the people and the things, the responsibility of the employer, etc. These coverages must attentively be analyze. This aspect is particularly important when they introduces risks of collision and environmental pollution. To dependence of the zones in which navigherà the ship, will be also profit to foresee a coverage for  rischi of war.
 La greater part of the European yachts I am stazionati in the Mediterranean Sea. The ownership of the moorings in certain exclusive harbors, for example to Montecarlo or on the French or Italian Coast, you/he/she is seen what base for a good investment ancorché in these countries there is the submission to the IVA. For another verse, you/he/she can be advantageous to moor a yacht in an extraeuropean  paese as the Croatia or Tunisia with the purpose to avoid the imposition to the IVA. before purchasing or to rent a place boat is opportune to make himself/herself/themselves recommend on the consequences of the taxes of ownership, use and lease of the moorings. Rights to use a particular mooring will be authorized to city privacies or commercial company for a limited period of time. These rights of use can be sold or you/they can be assigned to third entities. This can give entrance to a fiscal submission. In France, for example, when there is a passing of the rights (actions) of use of a place boat, the French fiscal authorities subdue such transaction to the same stregua of a real estate sale.
Administrative services
Through our his/her own offices, as through company of service specialized, we can offer you recommend you financial, the management  finanziaria and the estate of the accounting. We can check the inherent payments the maintenance of your boat and the expenses for the maintenance of the crew. You management of the accounts can be realized near banks astrette to the banking secret.
Turn to our firm to verify and to concretize your choices. We can furnish you some comprehensive packets of company offshore with the recording of your boat and the relative banking and administrative services.


About buying a car in Switzerland


Used cars and vintage cars

Switzerland possesses a diverse and interesting market of the used cars. A lot of the foreigners come to Switzerland to buy an used car and to import it to their country and to use it there. The reliability of the cars which come from the Swiss market is high due to the strict controls in force in Switzerland which are established for the maintenance of the cars, and their owners must periodically subject them to the necessary testing at the office of the inspection of civil motor transport. In this way, Switzerland disposes of an auto park which is considered as the best one in the world which is renewed, in a majority of cases every 3/4 year and presents therefore, a unique phenomenon.
Indeed, one can often see on the Swiss car market rather new cars in a good condition which can be purchased by the extremely competitive prices. Among other things it should not be forgotten that the rate of taxation amounts only to 7,6 %, which is also much less than in other European countries for the value added tax.
Switzerland is also interesting from another point of view. Indeed, because there is no automobile industry in the country, the market of the cars is completely free, without duty tax, import restrictions, etc., so that one can buy whichever type of vehicle he wants in Switzerland, also the strangest and rarest ones.
Concerning the vintage and rare cars, it is important to stress that Switzerland disposes of a great number of prestigious cars which are kept with a lot of care by their owners. Besides, there are numberous clubs which gather the lovers of the rare cars.
Our company is able to search the cars that you would like to buy and to prepare all necessary documentation for its export from Switzerland, needed for its import to the foreign country.