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Bank accounts
The centuries-old bank tradition, the law system, the extended, strong network of the international limks, the absolute safety - all this makes the Swiss banks to be the attractive financial institution of a capital investment. For the foreign countries the most famous bank names are the following: Union Bank of Switzerland (SBG), Credit Suisse, Union Bancaire Privée, Banca del Gottardo, Bank of Leu, Bank Raiffeisen.
As it is already known, the Swiss legislation defends the interests of the foreign investor in the Swiss banks. No foreign government can find out the information about banking customer without preventively have obtained a special permission from the Swiss judge. This decision, can only obtained in rare cases when the customer's actions are considered by criminal importance as the second by the Swiss legislation (drug and weapon commerce, etc.). However, if it is the case of the financial brach (tax non-payment in the country of residence, simple bankruptcy, black marketing, tax evasion, etc) also, because such infractions are not liable in Switzerland, the discretion right is applied to the foreign customer of the bank, and therefore no confidential bank information is given. It goes without saying that the information about money deposited on the Swiss bank account in order to proceed to the constitution of a company, is covered by the bank secrecy.
Bank's maintenance
MIRALUX FIDUCIARIA has good relations with numerous banks, both of international and local importance, it collaborates for a long time and effectively with a series of primary Swiss private investing and trading banks. According to the need of the customer, we care for a bank connection which offers the services demanded by the customer. From our side there are no limitations for opening an account in one or  another bank. All the banks can be good, interesting and discreet, on condition to know the desires of the client, his possibilities in the financial institutions, and after all, and his expectations comprehensively.
Our company is in a position to carrying out all the banks payments, investments and necessary deposits to the business scope. Naturally, it is necessary that the operation is admitted from the Swiss public order and that the bank practice consents it.
Moreover, we are in a position to obtain the release of credit cards to the name of the company constituted in favour of its holder, its general executive manager, or a simple representative.
Beyond opening of the accounts in Switzerland, Miralux Fiduciaria Sagl supplies just the support in the opening of the investment and trades accounts in Liechtenstein.
Credit cards
In the majority of the Swiss banks, the customers can get credit cards of VISA, MasterCard and American Express, even if it thereby comes to a deposit of a finances guarantee. As an example, in the Swiss banks, usually a guarantee sum comes frozen which is about 1.5 times the monthly limit of the credit cards expenses.
It is useful to know that the credit cards can also be opened in different currencies, both in Swiss Francs and in foreign currency, in this way one prevents losses with the  rate change. The customer will have therefore to consider such aspect before applying for the emission for one credit card. Naturally, every client has the possibility to control the state of the account, to verify the invoices paid by the bank, etc. The cover of relative expenses by the credit cards, can be carried out by means of Bank cheque, direct transfer, travaller's cheques or by a direct debiting of the account of the customer. At the end of the month, the customer receives anyway a statement of account and a statement of cost of the purchases done with the credit cards. The Swiss banks usually ask a minimal, constant cover to CHF 30'000.- for the Visa Gold Card and to CHF 15'000.- for the normal Visa Card. Naturally these conditions can vary depending on the consistency of the assets of the customer with the bank which issues the credit cards.
It should be noted that it is possible to get the credit cards, on which only the code of the bankwhich emitted the card, but not its numer and the name is indicated. Therefor, the foreign customer can show his credit card all over the world, without knowing by the third persons that he has a Swiss bank account.
Bank accounts. Is is also possible to have credit cards without the name of the bank, which issued the card, only the cod is stamped on it. The foreign customer can show therefore his credit card all over the world without knowing by the third persons that he has a Swiss bank account.
Bank accounts
The Swiss bank offers a various choice of bank accounts and services to their customers. With a Swiss bank account one also gets a correct service by arrangements, besides, the guarantee of the own privacy, also a service in many international languages, the possibility to control the own accounts by telephone or via Internet.
Our firm stands for the interests of the customers when opening a bank account and consulting. We suggest the following accounts:
  • The normal, classic current account of the bank, is for the satisfaction of the majority of the customers, if it is for the transaction or to the investing. Naturally this account is protected by the Swiss banker's discretion and can be used without special formalities or problems. As a rule, nobody is asked minimal deposit while opening an account. A credit card is generally linked with this account.
  • The current account of the bank, with Internet connected,spends the customers the possibility of operation, control, monitoring and transacting any payment or investment at home via the computer which is connected with a modem. At the moment the majority of the Swiss banks offer this system that can be provided as an additional service to the normal current account.
You go with the browser Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer to the bank site. Afterwards you must enter two passwords and a codes which iappear every 60 seconds displayed by a special digital device. Afterwards if your entered information was confirmed via the link between the bank server and your computer, then an encoded connection is installed, similar to that which is used in the army forces (128- bit coding). From this moment you have the access to your account and the possibility to make the bank operations all over the world. This service is free and accessible from every computer which is connected with Internet.
  • The current account of the bank for investments, is generally suggested to solvent customers who wish to invest the money in a proper way and need therefore a personal attendance, carried out by an assistant of the particularly qualified bank. With this account it is possible to use a part of the assets in order to allocate them for the investments, while the other part of the assets can be used for personal scopes. It is possible to request for the release of a relevant credit card linked to the account; however such operation is not recommended since it is better to emit the credit card through the normal current account. In practice, it is advised to work to compartments ponds - i.e. via the normal bank account in order to avoid risks.
  • The encoded current account, is undoubtedly, the most famous and most typical Swiss financial product. It differs from all other account types in that only one or very few bank assistans know the holder of the account. Generally the client account is being identified through a signature or a password, in a way that the customer will be recognised by the bank sing simply hes code. In this case, the other bank assistants will not know who the true holder of the account is. With such account it is possible to make all bank businesses operations, but at the same time, it is recommended principally for the deposits and investments of a certain importance. It is also not recommendable to issue a credit card linked to such account. Generally, for its opening the bank pretends for the minimum deposit of CHF 20'000.- to 50'000.- depending on the bank. If it is desired to get a particular service from the bank, and to be included into a number of clients belonging to a so-called "private banking", then the minimum amount to deposit increases considerably, and for this many banks request for the amount of CHF 500'000.-. Besides, it is the minimal maximum limit for opening such an account.
  • The account - the securities with which the customer entrusts the bank with the task to manage, to invest or not his shares, obligations, treasury bonds, etc.. Such account generally is bound together with the account investments.
  • The Swiss mail account is the simplest bank account which someone can open in Switzerland; however, it offers different possibilities and is very economic. The Swiss mail service, Swiss governmental agency, offers interesting bank accounts. You can open an account in foreign currency, even if the entire range of services is available only for accounts by Swiss currency.
  • No minimal balance is asked

  • The account is free accessed, and they can manage it via Internet

  • You can transfer money beyond 50 million of bank account and mail them all over the world

  • Using a Postcard, they can take over 420'000 from the account in cash dispensers all over the world (through the Visa circuit).

  • Bank-poste restante is covered with a small year expenses part. It is advised to the foreign customer who does not wish or does not want to receive the correspondence just to the address in the foreign country.
All the accounts described above, can be opened in the majority of the banks with the headquarters in Switzerland, if they are Swiss banks or foreign banks. For opening an account one needs approximately 1 to 2 days, the credit card is generally issued within one - two weeks. In order to open an account it is necessary to introduce a valid identification card and one signs an order contract, the pertinent general conditions and fills a number of standard forms, with which the modalities of the account use are fixed, as well as the possibility to give a full power of using the account to the third person by a wish of a client; and besides, in accordance with the agreement of the customer the bank assistant will be entrusted to make all operations with the client's account, etc.
The costs for the opening of the current account are generally symbolic. However, it is useful to know from the beginning that it is not easy to open a bank account in Switzerland, and especially, for the new clients who are unknown to the bank. Indeed, the banks have become particularly selective and prefer the good customers to the bad ones. Some banks accept unwillingly the customers with a small capital, while the other banks are specialised in a certain area of service and prefer to select the customers depending on a type of investment which the customer would like to operate with. Other banks prefer simply not to have shady customers who are suspected in money laundering operations, i.e., "washing of dirty money". Normally the bank wishes to know the customer personally; for this he should come to the bank personally and to be introduced to the bank managing director. In such case it is advisable to get assistance from a person who is already known to the bank. Your entry will be facilitated and it will not be necessary to waste time uselessly.
But it is also possible to open an account in Switzerland via a bank centred in a foreign country, but in such case it will impossible for the customer to get a benefit from a well-known privacy of deposits guaranteed by the Helvetian bank. Indeed, in this case, the foreign bank will get to know about the opening of an account in Switzerland from part of a certain person.
Thus, it is important to know what the client would like to do operating via the Swiss bank account. Our company is in the position of a professional consulting and addressing the customer to a certain bank which is appropriate for him specially, preparing in advance all necessary documentation for signing and fixing several appointments with the bank assistances.
Our honorarium  is always agreed as an advance payment, after listening to the requirements of the customer and consulting him. Generally, this amount veries withim CHF 100.- and CHF 500.-.




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