The canton Ticino is the most southern one among the other Swiss cantons, and also the only one in which the main and official language is the Italian. This canton is distinguished by its mild climate due to which it is often called as the Swiss Mediterranean. Here one can enjoy the neatness, security and tranquillity of Switzerland from one side, and of the heat and kindness of Italy from the other, in a pleasant landscape with a small lake, surrounded by mountains. The canton Ticino is easy to reach, due to close location of the international airport of Lugano-Agno. There are also good railway connections with Milan and the rest of Switzerland. Driving a car to Milan is takes less than an hour and you can reach Zurich in two hours.

Many people have chosen this part of Switzerland as a place o permanent residence because of the beauty of the landscape, the moderate climate and the vicinity to Italy.
One can walk, swim, do boat excursions, evening entertainment and night entertainment and many other things which are feasible in the region between mountains which encircle the region. If one likes, he can go by the train or the car to us in order to go to Milan, to have a view of the fashion and main city of the northern Italy. Or he can take an plane and to reach Paris in an hour, as well as Brussels, Vienna or Rome!


It is however clearly that the motivating force that ago to choose Switzerland which country in order to carry out the transactions, to open banc accounts, to open and to manage company, it is in enforced to the fiscal and banking regimen in Switzerland, which are guaranteed also for the future years on the supply of underwrite international deal  from the Confederation with the European
Union and numerous foreign states.
Moreover, proverbial discretion and reliability of the banks and the Swiss institutions, they represent a sure reason of attraction.

As far as the fiscal regimen applied from Switzerland to the presence of the physical persons and the companies, it constitutes without other reason of sure interest and saving for the European citizens.


International traffic and connections



Lugano, the international airport which serves the canton Ticino, is  used also by the Swiss armed forces.
Air One e Darwin
Milan - Malpensa, the biggest international airport of northern Italy, only at 30 minutes to the south of Lugano, with regular connections with the majority of destinations.


1 hour and 25 minutes by plane from Lugano-Agno


1 hour and 10 minutes by plane from Lugano-Agno


60 minutes by train or car



You can find us in Via alla Roggia 32
6962 Lugano, quarter of Viganello


For who it reaches in car

From Milan:

on the freeway Laghi direction Chiasso (Switzerland) until the border Italian-Swiss,
then to continue on the freeway A2 direction Lugano. Exit Lugano south and continue in direction of the lake. Once joints to the lake, you will find a traffic-lights. Turn on the left and coast the lake for 2 km until you will have exceeded the Casin˛ Kursaal, the Palazzo dei congressi, the Parco Ciani and the bridge on the river Cassarate. Once exceeded the bridge, to continue along the tree-lined tree-lined avenue that calls Viale Castagnola, where on the left you will see the Centro Esposizioni. You cover saying tree-lined avenue until the height of a cross-sectional
road that calls Viale dei Faggi. Turn long the Viale dei Faggi  and you head towards the quarter of Viganello. Our seat is in Via alla Roggia 32, that it is one cross-sectional of Viale dei Faggi. Our office is in proximity of the church of Viganello, of the Denner supermarket and the playpark.


For who it reaches in train:

From the station of Lugano can be taken the bus N░ 2 in direction of Viganello  and that will involve one transfer of approximately 10/15 minutes to dependency from the city traffic. Before being able to come down from the bus, 7 stopped must pass. We advise you to count them because the bus do not stopped if there are no customers. The stopped in the neighbor to our office finds itself in proximity of the church of Viganello. The stopped is called for the note: "Chiesa".

our office


we are on the
6. level


of flank to
our seat
you found a
Church and
a playpark


Miralux Fiduciaria
Via alla Roggia 32
6962 Lugano (Viganello)

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