The MIRALUX FIDUCIARIA is beneficiary of the public authorization in order to carry out, is it of real estate intermendiation, or for the managerment and the administration of stable. We can in particular act in the following fields:


Administration and management of leasehold property


Administration and management of immouvable in condominuim (PPP)


Administration of single apartments, storees, etc.


Advising real estate promotions (building advising, market analysis, examination estimates, etc.)

Advising for the obtaining of financings


Direction from works and liquidations


Real estate mediation


Estimates and examinations





We are therefore the ideal society for the search of interested customers to acquire real estate, it is for the management of stable in condominium, commercial and industrial.


We can estimate the possibility to underwrite a located mandate of management of your stable in Canton Ticino, supplying our councils to you for a healthy administration also from the fiscal and insurance point of view.


Thanks to our acquaintances and commercial relations, we can help you to sale your real estate, helping you mainly to prepare the sale prospects, in a generalized manner to publish the insertions on newspapers and in the average, and to actively search a purchaser for your object. We can assist to you also in the writing of contracts necessary to perfect the entire operation.


We can prepare all practical and the forms waves to satisfy the requirements lawyers for the sale of a piece of real estate in Switzerland , demanding in particular the communal, cantonal and federal authorizations. As an example, we take care ourselves of the pratical fiscal in order to verify if the real secate is burdened form legal mortgages, pledges or distraints. We demand necessary the premission to the fiscal authorities in sight of the stipulation of the sale contract.


We verify the possibility to sell your real estate to foreigners, demanding one preventive authorization to the authorities to that provost.


We do not demand commission which real estate intermediaries at the moment of the signature of the mandate, but we will only perceive our commission once achieved the result.


Our final commission is much contained one and holds accont of the importance of the object to sell and its placeable on the real estate market. In some cases perceiving will be able to be quite prescinded commission.


The field of action of our company spaces on all the cantonal territory. We can work and to publicize your real estate objects in Italien, German, French, English, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.


We are available and ready to listen to your demands and to realize them with profit.




one house, an ground, an rustico, one building, an industrial or commerical object, etc?




We continuously search for our qualified customers whichever type of real estate object.


Why it serves our aid?


Legislation system in Switzerland is rather restrictive that prevents the forigners who live premanently abroad, from the freee access to the immovable property. The so-called Lex For Act forbids the foreigners who do not have the Swiss Residence Permit, the free acquiring of immovable properties in Switzerland. However there are an important and numerous exceptions.


As an example:


the foreingners can invest in buildings with moderate rent, located in determineted Swiss cantons. This is a case with the new buildings, which are let for a low rent to the market prices. For this there will be an exemption from local taxes for a period until twenty years, after which it will be granted to increase the fee of rent.


The foreign residents to the foreign country can acquire houses for the vacations in Switerland in tourist loacalities. Our society is in a position to showing the apartments transaction in the space of a couple of days, occupying us of all the necessary formalities. Also in this case, the buying and sellling action comes signed to a public notary public.


The foreign residents to the foreign country can also acquire industrial/commercial buildings without particular difficulties, being enough in this case that the real estate is destined to industrial or handicraft scopes.

Foreigners with a residents permit type B, can acquire immovable properties for the private use domicile, but this building should occupy the area not more than 3000 m2.

Foreigners with a residence permit type C, do not have practically some limitations for acquiring an immovable property in Switzerland.

The border-worker can acquire immovable assets in Switzerland without particular restictions.


From the following Swiss map you can see where you can acquire houses or apartments.


In Switzerland, the cantons have the right to decide the possibility of purchase of holiday houses or holiday apartments by foreigners. This means that in some cantons this purchase is allowed while in the other ones for this the Residence Permit is needed - at least residence permit type B.



Here is a map with the areas in which the immovable  property can be acquired




Zones where buying is nearly impossible

Zones where buying meets a lot of difficulties

Zones where buying it is possible



Being occupied with immovable investments, we can select more favourable options for you, to help you in formalising documents, making the negotiations and the management of the immovable, therefore, to compile the fiscal forms, to supply with the insurance cover, etc.


One can get an advance in Swiss Francs to a fixed or variable rate to approx. 2% of the yearly interest from a local bank. Furthermore, the bank finances all solvent clients with good references up to 80% of the purchase price.
Naturally, it is impossible to acquire the immovable property with money gained from criminal activities, and such objects can be purchsed only in the case when the sale is authorised to the foreigners. The sale action must always be carried out by an official notary who will control that all it is legal. It should be noted that the law forbids to a Swiss citizen to acquire an immovable for a foreigner with money which he lends to him. Such way of illegal and an entire operation is considered as invalid in accordance with the Swiss law.


Our company offers you services in the purchase of an immovable on the territory of the canton Ticino and in the solution of possible juridical issues related to your stay in Switzerland.
We can usually rgister and legalize the transaction during 48 hours, fulfillling the arrangement of all necessary documents.


We propose you three different possibilities:


In phase of construction (favourable conditions of financing)

New constructions (ready to habitable)

Used, but in optimal condition


The immovable properties prices in Switzerland are rather different and vary very much. Regarding the houses with land, the price can vary from CHF. 200'000.- to some millions of CHF. The price of square meter of an apartments in the canton Ticino varied from 2'000.- to 6'000.- CHF for 1 m2. The market of immovable property in Switzerland is rather promising to the stability of the currency, that is the cost of these objects is always being increased comparing with the foreign countries.


The conditions of purchase of an immovable


When purchasing the immovable, the acquirer pays the purchase prince arranged with the salesman. Besides, he pays over approx. 2% of the overhead costs (the public notary and others sevices, legacies with the practical ones for the purchase). The percentage of 2% is one of the most beneficial in Europe. In France the percentage is 7%. In Italy it is much higher. Moreover, the client obtain the mortage laon for a maximum of 80% of the value of the purcahse, paying 1,9% of interests during a year.
As a rule, the immovable bought from foreigners is not rented, but is used by them for living during the business trips and vacation.
As rule, the foreigners have the right to stay in Switzerland, in total for a period up to 6 months during the year. For the prolongation of this period, it is necessary to get a special permission.


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