Filial of foreign anonymous company (offshore), headquartered in Geneva, Swiss banking current account, guaranteed exempted by burdens and administrative duties. Price of sale CHF 10'000.--



Swiss law allows you to create a Swiss branch for your company, even if your company is incorporated outside of Switzerland. Some people prefer to take this option rather than create a full Swiss corporation because capital requirements are lower and it is simpler to set up.

In practical, it is necessary to record the branch in Switzerland of one already existing foreign company, without to create new costs for the constitution of one new company, it is to say without having to disburse money for new social capital, without to decide of new staff, new directors and so on.

The branch in Switzerland will be able to have use of all the advantages recognized to the companies of Swiss right, to decide of bank accounts, postal checking accounts and so on. Moreover, to difference of the companies of Swiss right, the branch subject will not be determined Swiss taxes (preventive tax on the dividends). The invoicing between the parent company and the Swiss branch will be facilitated and much most flexible.


It must also be added, the fact to decide of one branch in Switzerland, it remarkably increases the prestige of the company, supplying a better image of the products it commercializes from the same one.

We can therefore assist to you under every profile, it is legal or administrative, predisposing for you an operating office or virtual with a secretary in meat and boneses that your correspondence will shunt and will answer to the telephone to name of your company, that all for one absolutely reasonable sum.

It is enough to think that in order to record one branch are necessary only CHF 2000.-- (= approximately EURO 1300.--), in which sum also is comprised the recording in the Swiss Chamber of Commerce. To notice that recording expenses do not demand repetitive taxes anniversaries as is the case for Italy. In satisfied Switzerland once one tantum.


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