Our company operates in the field of the recovery credits through one own investigative structure, let alone by means of consolidated informative net, having consequently developed in the course of the years, one stiff operating methodology to eliminate the disadvantages of an action of recovery conceived in traditional sense. We offer professionalism, competence, intelligence and above all diplomacy for the recovery of your credits.
We verify the address of the debtor or in whichever place it is traceable, in order to establish the negotiation that you carry to the out-of-court definition of the practical one. Our company will transmit to a statement of account of the practical ones entrusted with the remittance of the amounts recovers to you (to clearly of the established commission). For practical the unsolved ones in out-of-court phase, we supply to the principal synthesis of report of carried out visit, containing information on the patrimonial state of the debtor and elements of appraisal on the opportunity of one Judicial procedure.
Our work is carried out in two phases:
1 Phase out-of-court
The unavoidable presupposed one in order to found an action of recovery credits with reasonable positive outcome is represented from the assessment estimate on the patrimonial situation and financial institution of the debtor.
The possibility to estimate in advance the existence of assets you furnish or real estate, yields from job employee or independent of the debtor succeeding constitutes in fact the best guarantee to bring an action of recovery of the credit with series possibility.
The investigative phase is lead personally from people in charge inserted in the structure and it is not get exhausted, as often it happens, in the simple and sterile collection of the several one it certifies near the offices publics to you, but one extends to the classified acquisition of information to wide phantom, near all the persons who have had relationships of job with the debtor.
The matured experience. test that is of fundamental importance for the customer, to define in narrow times the out-of-court phase of recovery of the credit.
In the term of 30 days from the bestowal of the assignment, we can know the total entity of all the orders of the debtor and to proceed to the exhaustion of the out-of-court phase by means of the demand to the debtor to supply to the extinction of the creditor pretension.
2 Phase judicial

The lacked collection in out-of-court way necessarily does not imply the definitive irrecoverableness of the credit.

To this point the scene can assume two distinguished contours:
1) if to continuation of the assumed information he emerges that the debtor does not possess some distrainable good usefully can turn out convenient not to give run to other actions, or it can be revealed like convenient to proceed to one legal action, sure with outcome negative, to the only and exclusive aim to carry in deduction the uncollectible credit counting on one flexible application of the rates forensic.
2) according to scene action of recovery of the credit through the participation of a confidence lawyer is opened with the promotion of one.
A legal action is always necessary to observe the maximum caution in beginning, whose costs can leaven remarkably and fall back totally to cargo of the creditor if the outcome is negative.
The synergic relationship that alloy our company to just the nucleus of confidence lawyers is stiff to eliminate all the risks of a legal action of rash recovery credit.
In short the legal action comes only promoted and exclusively in case of practical sure, that is when, to continuation of the searches already carried out in the out-of-court phase, reason is founded you in order to think that the patrimony of the
debtor is sufficient to extinguish the creditor pretension.
This important aspect lacks in the hypothesis of an isolated action of the confidence lawyer of the creditor: of usual, but particular cases, the lawyers are rather than wide sleeve in deciding to act against a debtor without to make sure of its economic conditions; as all know, attended that the legal performance of attendance is a means obligation and not of aim, the competences are up unchanged to the lawyers, it is in case of positive outcome, that in outcome case negative.
As it is famous, in outcome case negative of the legal action, to cargo of the creditor it remains not only the not satisfied asset, but also an ulterior additional burden financial constituted from the competences lawyers let alone from expenses of procedures.
The coordination of true the out-of-court investigative phase to that and own one of judicial recovery, it offers the possibility to only to bring sets in action aimed, that is of boldness the ways lawyers only when there is reasonable certainty of patrimonial capacity of the debtor.
This operating methodology tries to compensate the comprehensive financial efforts of the proceeding creditor with one serious expectation to recover the unsolved credit.


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