Bank accounts

Some information about the Snoras bank
Bank accounts

The Lithuanian bank with which we collaborate offers various services:
currency transactions (managed by telephone/fax/internet), letters of credit, international payments transfer, etc.

The bank exists more than 10 years. During this period it was recognized not only in the Baltic republics, but also in the countries of the CIS and Western Europe.

The bank possesses the biggest and up-to-date capillary affiliate network of Lithuanian with 10 affiliate branches and 186 saving counters of a bank, they cover the whole country and work at present. For the customer service there are 268 bancomats and 2147 bank terminals, situated in various trading centres of the country.

It's useful to know that the obtained profit from the deposit is not taxed.

The bank conducts a very conservative investment policy and doesn't invest money for risky plans.

The bank doesn't request for a start contribution for the account opening.
In the
Lithuanian republic the "currency control" concept doesn't exist. Normally, it's not necessary to justify the payments in currency and their source.

Lithua there are not limitations on the repatriation of the profit; the law guarantees the possibility of free withdrawal of the received profit.

The Miralux SA provides for the full consultancy on the use of the current accounts of the bank, particularly:
management of the account via internet
check the account via fax with the application of codification tables
assists in the account management via fax
opening of bank accounts to deposit
opening of international charge cards

The Miralux SA is the official representative in Switzerland from the Lithuanian "Snoras" bank and proposes, both the natural persons and the juridical persons the possibility to open an account by the Snoras bank, without visit to
Lithuanian republic, so to manage the account at distance, to make use of a coded communication system.

Our company provides for the complete legal attendance of the procedure of opening an account.

The drafting procedure and completing of documents for the opening of an account can completely be realized in our office.

Naturally, the drafting of documents is made with discretion and professionalism.


Some information about the Snoras bank

The Snoras bank works successfully on the market of CIS countries, the Baltic republics and Western Europe since 1992. The bank possesses more then 186 affiliated companies in the Lithua and three representative branches abroad: in Russia (Moskow), in Ukraine (Kiev) and in Belorussia (Minsk).

We propose to traders and at private persons, interested in the opening of an account at this bank, the possibility of opening the account at Snoras bank to avoid the necessity to travel to Lithua. We can make all that in a day by our office in Switzerland.



The profit (up to 3.5% in a year) means the drawing-up a contract about a time-fixed deposit for a period from one month to one year.

There is also depot with the possibility to agree the interest rates in individual order.

According to the Lithuanian republic legislation, the Snoras bank assures the depositing of private persons at "Monetary and fund state assurance of depositing".

"Snoras bank "
offers you the following products:

Credit cards:

The customer has the possibility to choose the currency of the card: US$, Euro

Classic EuroCard/MasterCard,
EuroCard/MasterCard Gold,
EuroCard/MasterCard Business.
Visa Gold, Visa Classic

It is a flexible system of insurance depot; the validity period of the cards is 2 years, and the service cost for the total period is from 18 EURO at all.

Debit cards:

VISA Electron

For the debit cards, a guarantee deposit is not foreseen.

  • express, fixed-time and ordinary money transfers.
    Providing on request of a client the supplementary documentation confirming the accomplishment of a money transfer (abstracts about the state of a clearing account, SWIFT/TELEKURS copies).
  • wide network of correspondent banks.
    Bank has a long operation experience and wide correspondent network.
  • documentary operations.
    (import/export letters of credit, import/export collection of payments, guarantees, cheques).
The service of "Snoras" bank is convinient. The client is provided by the following:
personal account manager. Languages (Russian, English, Lithuanian).
technical equipment for the round-day remoted coded account management (Internet, e-mail, fax).
necessary information
information about the account via GSM system (text sms messages sent to mobile phone).
sending of abstracts about the state of the account on the next day after carrying out the bank operation
day-to-day information about the change of bank rates, new services and conditions of their granting
  • "Snoras" bank is secure:
coded account management
high degree of information protection and strict control on the access during the account management via Internet
insurance of all deposits and account balances at "Snoras" bank in accordance with the Lithuanian legislation "Monetary fund state assurance of depositing".

During one day a Client gets a full package of instructions on the account management and a list of its possibilities and he can manage his account as he likes using his personal code and via his personal operator, via telephone, fax and Internet.

It is possible to transfer money to and from this account to any and from any part of the world to pay for any services, etc.

It is important that the bank secret and all codes are strictly confidential. Even we do not know them. The client himself agrees upon the coding system with his operator. Thus, only two persons know the codes - client and his personal operator. This system is an analog to the Swiss bank system.



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