As one can live in Switzerland

Permit types:

The permit G
The permit L
The permit B
The permit C
The permit with the fiscal convention

As one can live in France


As one can live in Switzerland.

How a foreigner can permanently living in Switzerland.

If you are not Swiss citizen, you need a residence permit, in order to be able to live more than three months in Switzerland, since the tourist visa does not permit a stay for more than three months. There are various permit types and different ways to obtain them, depending of the purpose of your residence in Switzerland.

If you are going to Switzerland with the intention to work you must find first a work, which should agree to a certain requirements. You must be qualified as a highly specialised professional, both from intellectual and practical points of view. This will give you the right for getting the Residence permit but only for a certain.

If you intend to come to Switzerland with the purpose to found a company and to work for CH, then usually you will not have problems related with getting the Residence Permit.

If you plan tocome to Switzerland with the intention to study then you must then find a school, which is suitable for your needs and make a request through this school with the aim to get stay permission for study reasons.

In addition, you wish to come to Switzerland an to live on an unearned income in Switzerland. If your declared income is high enough and you intend to live in Switzerland, and therefore not only to use this country as a fiscal and mail address, then you can apply for the permit B, that is a permission of residence which has an annual duration and gives you the right to live in CH during one year, and at the same time you will be able also to pay significantly lower taxes then in other European countries. In such case generally one foreigner should posses the declared yearly income which is not less then CHF  150'000.-- is able to get the Residence Permit and furthermore, in this case the tax amount is about 30%.

One of the ways to get the Residence permit to stay in Switzerland is to marry a Swiss citizen and to obtain in such way the stay permission immediately; after 5 years of stay you can obtain  the domicile permission and the Swiss citizenship. That is the simplest way on condition that a proper family partner can be found.

It is useful to know that Switzerland favours the citizens of the Western European countries, when the decision is taken about the work permit or residence permit of Category B. One must thus decide whether he likes to get a work permit or  B-permit issues. Concerning the case of getting the stay permission in accordance with a fiscal convention, there are no special preferences.

Type of permit, which is issued by Switzerland for foreigners and that our company is also in a position to provide you:

The first permit, what is given to the majority of foreigners is the permit B, it concerns a yearly permit, with a condition of being employed or of living really in Switzerland for a sufficient period of a year.

If you want to come to Switzerland to live on the income from a company localized to outside of Switzerland (company manager, inheriting, being a famous sportsman, or movie-star), you can demand the so-called permit in accordance with fiscal convention, a version of the permit B that will allow you to pay taxes in comparison with the other European countries.

If in your country you are under suppression because of your political ideas or ethnical affiliation, then you can request for the permit for political refugees.

However, if you want to come into Switzerland to work as a season worker, then you must request for a special specialization the permit A.

Permit C is a full time residence permit, which permits you in the further to buy a real estate property for getting a profit, to operate and manage an independent company. In order to obtain this permit, you must for example to live during some years in Switzerland (5 - 10 years depending on the case) and show yourself as a loyal person without creating problems to the law-enforcement bodies.

The final phase is the acquisition of the Swiss citizenship to all the effects, which is generally granted after 12 years of residence in Switzerland. Moreover, it is necessary to pass an examination of knowledge of the Swiss history  and culture and to demonstrate that you have already integrated with the company where you live.

Definition of the permit

The Permit G

This is therefore the permission for the border-workers who are those persons who live close to the Helvetian border, at least a day-distance. This permission gives the right to the foreign worker to live and to work in Switzerland indepently and also to acquire shares of real estate in Switzerland. In practice, the border-worker can enter in Switzerland on Monday morning and exit from the country on Friday evening, without the obligatiory re-enter daily his own country of residence. There also the right exists for changing the workplace and/or profession without attending the relevant authorities. The right exists to spend the night as any common Swiss citizen.


L`apertura of the frontiers to the free circulation of the persons allows therefore also l 'esercizio of an independent activity. L'esercizio of an independent activity must however be demonstrated. For the rest they are worth the dispositions of law applied to the employee workers. According to the bilateral agreements é working independent frontaliero the citizen of a contracting part that exercises independent un'attivitą on the territory dell'altra contracting part and that day or to the week returns at least once to the place of just the address of every norm. For these persons they are worth the same dispositions applicable to the employee workers frontalieri. The frontaliero worker who wishes to exercise independent un'attivitą receives one first authorization of the duration of six months, than he allows it to start the own activity. Upon maturity of six months it must try to exercise effectively lucrative un'attivitą indipendente.Se does not succeed to produce such test before the expiration, but he has the real possibilities to obtain it, can essergli come to an agreement one additional expiration of two months. L'iscrizione to registry of commerce of a company characterizes them or of a company they are a sufficient test. Quest'iscrizine is not sufficient for the liberal profssioni (doctors, lawyers, etc.) the artists and the musicians. Un'ulteriore tries can be the book keeping books for how much they can demonstrate to l'effettiva existence of un'attivitą.Qualora existed of the dispositions of sanitary police or economic these must be respected. The cantoni they cannot introduce restrictive or proibitive measures for the persons who must carry the test to exercise un' independent activity. In case the test was valid is rilasciato a stay permission of the 5 duration of anni.Per how much concerns l'aspetto treasurer, the independent frontalieri is for principle taxable in the Cantoni where they exercise their activity.


The Permit L

This permission confirms the right to live and work in Switzerland for a short period duration, for a maximum of 364 days. The possibility exists to change the profession and employer, but in this case it is necessary to notify the period of the stay and the name and address within 8 days. The duration of the permission is equal to that one of the working contract. This permission is subordinated to the decision of the Office of the foreign labour which should consider the  contingent, the priorities of the native workers and the control of the conditions of paying wages to them. The possibility is not given to practice an independent activity.

The Permit B

The B permission is necessary the release to them of the B permission if it wishes to work in Switzerland on the arc of an entire year, or if it only means living of the unearned income which you already it enjoys to the foreign country. Such allowed it is relatively easy to obtain if it is highly specialist and its qualification is searched from the Swiss companies and it is a deficiency of Swiss workers in this field, or is rich enough from being able living in Switzerland without attendance from part of the State. Moreover, if deep it a company in Switzerland that has a serious and effective activity, and that through such company you will assume of the dependent, then you will be able to obtain the B permit enough easy.

The Permit C

This permission is the last step before obtaining the citizenship to all the effects. It confers nearly the same rights of the Swiss citizens, especially for whom it regards the investments in the real estate industry. The same one comes to release, to dependency of the cases, after 5/10 years of residence in Switzerland.

The permit with the fiscal convention

The permission in accordance with the Such Fiscal Convention is an option of the B permission and is issued for the wheel-off people, who intend to remove to Switzerland in order to live there and not to work for Switzerland. It must be at least understood that they should declare at least one million Swiss francs and an annual income is not less than 150'000 CHF. Besides, it will be required tolive not  less than 180 days in Switzerland. The main advantage of such condition is the posibility to pay less tax rate which does not correspond to the actual income and is any case less then in other European countries.




Cantonal permits

5 years

Permit B

For new workers who must reside in the canton. Familiar reunion and geographic and professional mobility. Exercise of an independent activity subordinate to special
authorization. Limited contingent.

5 years

Permit B

For workers who can justify a job period of 30 months in Switzerland. Familiar reunion and geographic and professional mobility. Exercise of an independent activity subordinate to special authorization. No contingent.

Short duration,
less then 12 months

Permit L

For practised activities for a maximum of 364 days, in according to the duration of the contract. It can be renewed without to leave the territory. Familiar reunion and geographic and professional mobility. Limited contingent.

Short duration,
less then 4 months

Permit L

Mandate of short duration. Familiar reunion and geographic and professional mobility. No contingent.

Short duration, maximum 90
days for year

Permit L

For employer of services of  individual title or for an enterprise. It allows the search employment , the treatment or the medical cures. Familiar reunion and geographic and professional mobility. No contingent.

5 years

Permit G

For workers domiciled in border-worker zones. Possibility to acquire a secondary residence on the entire Swiss territory. Weekly return is obligatory. Freedom to work and to live on the Swiss territory. No contingent.




Cantonal permits


Permit B

For workers who must reside in the canton. Annual renew. Authorized familiar reunion. Geographic and professional mobility subordinate to authorization. Limited contingent.

Maximum 12 months

Permit L

For specific mandates, in according to the duration of the contract. Limited contingent.

Maximum 4 months

Permit L

For specific mandates, in according to the duration of the contract. Familiar reunion and movement not authorized. Limited contingent.

120 days not consecutives

Permit L

For specific mandates. Familiar reunion and movement not authorized. No contingent.


As one can live in France

Our company can formalize all necessary procedures which allow the obtaining of the stay and work permit in France. We collaborate with a number of French firms of attorney which have a long-time experience in this matter. The procedure for  getting the permit  takes only few months and is fulfilled by our company with the support of our French partners.

We can assist in getting the French stay permission, both for business men and for the private people and their families.

The cost of the procedure depends on the customers needs, but normally it is about
15'000.-- Euro.


The Permit to the Seychelles

our company it able to introduce the application in order to obtain the resident permit for the the Seychelles Islands. The procedure is quite quickly and the costs are competitive. Contact  us in order to receive more informations.


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