The Copernicus initiative of the Economic Promotion of the Canton Ticino

Department of finances and the economy



The Department of finances and economy (DFE), for means of the Office of economic promotion (UPE), has undertaken an initiative of economic promotion called "Copernicus", time to improve the visibility of the Canton Ticino to the foreign country, to increase the acquaintance of the opportunities of investment in Ticino and to favour new takeovers on the cantonal territory. The UPE is to disposition of the local and foreign economic operating acting as adviser and intermediary between public and private structure: the economic actor external to the Administration finds therefore an only interlocutor to its disposition for the deepening of all the administrative tasks tied to its activity. That allows to simplify the procedures, to reduce the times of waited for and being involved with timeliness the interested Offices of the State, in particular way for how much concerns to the advising.


Operating instrument of the Copernicus initiative is the Law for the economic innovation (L-inn) approved from the cantonal Parliament in the month of June 1997. This law resolves to do increase the competitively of the Canton Ticino regarding the other regions of Europe offering incentives (directed contributions to lost fund or cantonal fiscal facilities) to the industrial companies and of the advanced tertiary (new constituted or already existing) that they introduce innovations in the products, the services, the production processes or the organization.   

The UPE is to disposition of the companies and the services for: 

the free advising on all the services and supports previewed from the State in the comparisons of the economic operators

to inform on the conditions of employment of the labour (Federal law on the work and Code of the obligation)

the demands for entrance in Switzerland of foreigners in order to carry on an activity lucrative

search land or available manufacturers stable

the contacts with the cantonal Administration and the authorities communal and federal

the external contacts with economic partner (banks, fiduciary and legal services, industrial companies, private and trade-union associations)





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