Do you not think that is time to think about your health? You have found the right place, because in Switzerland there is all that is necessary for your cures.

Top medical services - combined with a quality of life of the highest order, is credo of Swiss private clinics. These clinics are dedicated to applying the latest available technologies and are all equipped with the updated apparatus. The treatment in each medical field is performed by the leading world-wide specialists supported by highly qualified personnel who guarantee an optimal cure to the patient.

For this more than 200'000 patients from the whole world visit the Swiss medical institutes every year. It is for simple anti-stress, weight-loss, and recondition program or for more important plastic surgery, artificial insemination or other operations in ambulatory.

MIRALUX FIDUCIARIA has established contact with an extensive network of the leading private clinics and health centres located around the Lago Lugano and Lago Maggiore area. Advanced health treatment includes cardiovascular medicine, orthopaedics, gynaecology, obstetrics, ophthalmology, oncology, neurosurgery, reconstructive surgery, pediatrics, dermatology and internal therapy.
The available beauty treatments range
 from plastic surgery (liposuction, liposculpture, breast enlargement or reduction, nose shape correction) to skin treatments by soft laser, varicose vein removal).

Services offered by our company:

Selection of the best clinics, curing and beauty centres

Translation of medical documents to English, French and German

Organization of the medical advisings

Organization of the cure performed by a nurse

Services of a personal translator-interpreter, with a knowledge of the medical terminology

Organization of contracts with the medical insurance serviece

Hotels reservation

Transport from/to airport by a private car

Organization of tours and excursions (if such is allowed by the medical staff)

Supply with medicines after the return from the patient to his country


Hospitals - Clinics of Ticino (Switzerland)

Regional Hospital of Locarno

La CaritÓ


Clinica of Novaggio

Hospital S. Giovanni - Bellinzona

Regional Hospital of Bellinzona

Hospital in the area of Vallemaggia - Cevio

Foundation Admit-Hospital San Donato - Intragna

Hospital in the area of Blenio - Acquarossa

Hospital in the area of Leventina - Faido

Civic Hospital - Lugano

Italian Hospital of Lugano

Hospital of Mendrisio

Hospital of Beata Vergine - Mendrisio

Malcantonese Hospital



Clinica Santa Chiara - Locarno

Luganese clinica in Moncucco


Clinica Fondazione Varini - Orselina


Clinica Santa Croce - Orselina


Clinica Casa Alabardia - San Nazzaro


Clinica Hildebrand - Brissago


Clinica of Gravesano


Clinica Al Parco - Lugano


Principal Hospitals