Panama Euro 3000.--

Delaware Euro 3000.-- already ready with checking account and Internet banking


Offer for OFFSHORE company registration
Jurisdiction Type of
Shelf company Bank account in Switzerland
Bahamas IBC no  
Belize IBC no  
British Virgin Islands IBC no  
LP no  
Canada EPC no  
Cayman Islands Exempt no  
Commonwealth of Dominica IBC no  
Cook Islands Int'l no  
Cyprus Offshore no  
Gibraltar Non-resident no  
Hong Kong Private Limited yes Liechtenstein
Ireland Non-resident no  
Isle of Man Non-resident no  
Israel Non-resident no  
Liechtenstein AG yes Switzerland
Luxembourg Holding yes  
Madeira SA yes  
Malta ITC no  
Mauritius Offshore no  
Montenegro LTD no  
Nevis NBCO no  
LLC no  
Niue IBC no  
Panama Corp. yes Liechtenstein
Samoa IC no  
Seychelles IBC no  
Singapore PTE no  
St. Vincent IBC no  
Switzerland SA , GMBH yes  
UK Private Limited yes  
Alaska LLC no  
Corp. no  
Arizona LLC no  
Corp. no  
Arkansas LLC no  
Corp. no  
California LLC no  
Corp. no  
Colorado Corp. no  
D.C. LLC no  
Corp. no  
Delaware LLC no  
Corp. yes Switzerland
Florida LLC no  
Corp. no  
Nevada LLC no  
Corp. no  
New Jersey LLC no  
Corp. no  
New York LLC no  
Corp. no  
Oklahoma LLC no  
Corp. no  
Oregon LLC no  
Corp. no  
South Dakota LLC no  
Corp. no  
Washington LLC no  
Corp. no  
Wyoming LLC no  
Corp. no  

Corporate Bank Account

Practical advice and assistance with the preparation of documentation to open a corporate or private bank account.




We assist in opening investment and current accounts in several swiss and European banks.

Cost varies from EURO 200 up to EURO 1000