MIRALLUX FIDUCIARIA is specialized in different sectors of the official services, in Switzerland as well as also in the rest of Europe


The information presented here is not comprehensive enough, but it gives a general overview of the spectre of services provided by the MIRALUX FIDUCIARIA. The other services which are not included in this document are also available upon the request of the customer.
We are in the position of rendering you the assistance in different sectors, available in the following languages: Italian, English, German, Spanish and Russian. Our director does a doctorate in business-and trade apprenticeship and has the certificate that she qulifies to carry on the profession from business expert. Our company is of course regularly enrolled in the registry of commerce. Our company disposes good relations with banks and insurance companies in Switzerland as well as in the foreign countries. We are also in a position to co-operate with numerous trustees, business experts, lawyer and notary companies both in Switzerland and in the Liechtenstein and in more offshore jurisdiction. It is possible to check the valid rates in Switzerland and in numerous countries of the world by our company to avoid so misunderstandings.
Our services are paid in accordance with the fixed tariff with the customer, in order to avoid any misunderstanding which can arise. According to achieved agreement an estimate of cost is done. If necessary, we can work also during the holidays and are approachable at any time by the mobile phone number 0041/78/674.95.94 or 0041/79/690.35.25.
Naturally, we guarantee the maximum professionalism and discretion. Normally, our customers very soon become our friends and/or our business partners.
The majority of our customers apply for the preparations of a tax plan or economic plan as far as the establishment of a trading company in their favour. The other customers request us about the assistance in getting the residence permit in Switzerland which is always a demanded place of residence for the prosperous businessmen searching for peace, seriousness and discretion and security. Naturally, being  locates in the Canton Ticino, we can help you in the search of partners of transactions, banks, financings, real estate, offices and apartments to acquire/to rent, etc. in Ticino.
We are moreover in a position to forwarding the necessary demands for the allowed obtaining the permissione for residence/job in all Switzerland, and in particular in the Canton Ticino.
The lifestyle in Ticino resembles very much the Italian one, with the difference that the safety and public order are usual features here. The Ticino is geographically located in the middle of Europe and therefore one can reach Milan in 30 minutes, Zurich in two hours and in four hours one can reach Geneva. In Lugano-Agno there is an airport which connects with the most important cities in Europe.
Our objective implies offering to the customers the possibility to make a decision about the location of a logistic basis and/or administration basis in Switzerland, in whicj they are able to see from the beginning the guarantee for favourable shares of tax, the taxation modalities and, in some cases, quite the total tax exemption.
We also dispose of the possibility to involve the customers into the interesting economic programs of development offered by public institutions, which are especially recommended by us for the companies possessing the advanced technologies. However, it must also not be forgotten that there is in Switzerland the benefical possibility to get an advantage from the preferential terms of the local unemployed people. In such case the new employer is exempted from the payment of the social taxes.
Our way of proceeding is very promoted, because it is not habitual for our company to "sleep" on the acts and business documents and to keep the customer waiting, since the acts are treated in time. We are conscious that a customer from abroad needs the necessary information as fast as possible. He should make the prompt decision concerning whether and where in Switzerland he would like to set for a permanent residence, how and where to open the bank account and in which bank, decide about the tax statute and whether he would like to costitute a company etc. The problems are even still more delicate, for the people who are not familiar with the legal system in Switzerland. These conditions differ from canton to canton and from municipality to municipality. It is necessary to keep in mind that there are 23 cantons and about 3000 municipalities for approximately 7'000'000'000 population of Switzerland of which 18% is foreign.

Next steps

The information which is contained on this web-site, serves only for giving you a general idea about the possibilities which Switzerland and our company offer. In the case you need more information, please, do not hesitate to contact us, either by telephone, fax or by e-mail. We are also available to you for a meeting directly in Switzerland, in Italy, in France, in Austria and in Germany in order to illustrate the possibilities offered by our company. In this way, we can guarantee for our customers the immediate personalized service for theirfull convenience.



  Constitution and registation of the companies and the foundations
  Legal and notarial services
  Services of secretariat
  Bank services, with opening of accounts and credit cards
  Notarial services
  Translation and interpreter services
Insurance services

Sale of Swiss companies, from Liechtenstein and offshore

Company domicile  (seat)
Drafting of contracts of every kind
Commercial and fiscal assistance/advising
Search of financings
Sale of Swiss and foreign companies, composite founds
Commercial and practical services of import-export
Attendance in the opening of bank accounts from part of the customer
Attendance in the credit cards banking
Servicing the customer in opening letters of credit, bank guarantees and other bank instruments
Attendance for practical customs
Preparation of the statement for the taxes
Preparation of  fiscal agrees
Legal services:
Legalization of documents of the company
Drawing up of contracts
Sale of the offshore companies
Service of proceeds of credits
Service of verification of solvency
Work permits and living approvals in Switzerland and other European countries.
Services of secretariat:
Air tickets booking and resevations of lodges
Attendance for the approvals
Assistance in enrolment to the private schools and private clinics
Bank services:
Attendance for a fast opening of the accounts
Attendance for the request for Credit cards
Attendance for opening of a sale deposit box
Insurance services:
Market investments by insurance policies with guaranteed capital
Conclusion of a life insurance
Life annuities



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